With Flexilia, fixed bus routes change into on-demand routes

Starting September 2018, the Le Havre industrial zone today benefits from the Cityway solution for Flexilia, which uses a routing engine to automatically optimize routes in real time according to riders’ requests. Flexilia has enabled twice as many timetable departures to be offered, whilst also removing five fixed bus routes and cutting mileage by 25%. This all-digital solution, deployed on an app and a web site, has increased bus passengers twofold and received very positive feedback from both client and users.

Le Havre is the biggest port in France. It is a vast industrial zone which accommodates 200 companies and stretches for 20 km (12 miles). Previously, the area was difficult to reach by public transportation, with the result that 99% of journeys in the zone were done by private vehicle.

The aim was therefore to develop the appeal of this region, reduce congestion in the zone and improve people’s access to job opportunities through a solution providing transportation conveniently and quickly, at any time and at best cost, using buses and shuttles.

On-demand Mobility does of course exist, but it has its limitations. Taking the example of Pasadena (CA), a conventional On-Demand Mobility system costs approximately $25 per trip. In the Paris area, the figure is still around $22. These services are therefore expensive and can only be offered to a ‘happy few’ riders.

Cityway and CTPO (LIA transport operator) investigated together how new digital services could solve what appears to be an impossible equation: how to provide transportation to these industrial or residential zones which are hard to reach without a car, at acceptable cost.

The result of these studies led to the inception of Flexilia.

How does Flexilia work? Fixed bus routes change into on-demand routes starting from specific key stops, entirely transparently for riders who do not have to get off the bus and change routes. Simply enter the name of the company you are going to when you get on the bus, and the routing engine organizes the route.

Using his tablet, the driver knows how many passengers to collect, at which stops, and where to drop them. The return trip can be booked on the app or by phone. You can locate buses live, and if you miss your bus you can reschedule your trip.

The morning and evening timetables have been extended to meet companies’ needs. Buses operate Monday through Friday, from 6:10 to 11:00am and from 3:00 to 7:50pm, at 15 to 40-minute intervals.

The city even offers free bike rental.

Want to find out more? contact@cityway.io