A partnership to provide a real service to our customers!

The implementation of wayside dynamic display panels is most of the time expensive due to the equipments’ cost, their deployment (mounting mat, electrical connections…). To overcome this barrier, Cityway has worked closely with Elancité to design the CityBIV:

  • autonomous in electrical energy (solar power)
  • easy to install as it is clipped on existing street furniture

The Citybiv is marketed by the company Elancité. Cityway offers them whenever it seems appropriate in responses to tender which concern the provision of wayside solutions for dynamic traveler information display

To know more about the CityBIV please click on the following link: CityBIV product datasheet


Challenges and objectives

  • Overcome the barriers relative to the expensive implementation and operation of wayside dynamic display panels


  • Well studied product design
  • Inclusion of Cityway’s information systems needs
  • and of the technical expertise of Elancité