Vialsace, a cross-border trip planner

Created in 2010 from the collaboration between the French Alsace Region and Cityway, Vialsace is the Multimodal Information System of the region. It allows users to plan easily and quickly their journey using a powerfull intermodal trip planner. The system takes into account all the different modes of transport available in Alsace (bus, train, coaches, subway, tram, bike, car, carsharing, carpolling…) in collaboration with the Region.

Today, Vialsace also provides a innovative cross border service. Vialsace is published in French, English and German, but the service is going way further than that, using the EU SPIRIT webservices. The trip planner is providing information on intermodal cross-border trips from/to the German and Swiss border counties (Bale, Bade-Wurtenberg, Rhenan Palatinat and Sarre).

See the Vialsace website


Challenges and objectives

EU-Spirit“ is a cross-border and Internet-based travel information service for customers of public transport. It is based on existing local, regional, and national travel information systems which are interlinked via technical interfaces. Vialsace has been developed to be able to communicate with EU SPIRIT

  • Interfacing with the EU SPIRIT services
  • Multi-partner and cross-border (France, Germany, Swiss…) system


  • Implementation of the intermodal trip planner optygo with all the other products: optybase, optymob, Geoevents…
  • Cityway is part of the EU SPIRIT work group