Buildings of Lyon city and Rhone river / 1.4 million inhabitants

Optymod’Lyon, predictive and real time multimodal trip planner including Public Transportation and Freight

The Optymod’ Lyon Project was launch to develop a platform for three innovative services:

  • Improvement of road traffic information by introducing traffic predictions in the trip calculations
  • Development of an urban navigator on smartphone fed with real time Information of all transport modes: this application contains navigation features such as trip calculation or information on transport around the user’s position
  • Development of a navigation assistant on mobile phone for urban freight operators integrating road traffic conditions, road characteristics, availability of delivery places (real time & predictive analytics – one hour ahead) allowing optimized freight delivery operations (planning of services)


Optymod’Lyon is a Public-Private cooperation, between the Lyon Metropole (Greater Lyon) and 12 private & public partners: CITYWAY, Autoroute Traffic, Orange Business Systems, Renault trucks…


Cityway’s missions within this project were to deliver:

  • A real-time transport database; the creation of a coherent platform from heterogeneous data and the homogenization of different mapping references.
  • A multimodal trip planner with all transport modes (including Transit, private car, walking, bike…): real time, predictive historical and scheduled data
  • A personal travel assistant, allowing for on trip route updates and recalculations using the position of the user.


The Optymod’ application also includes, besides multimodal/intermodal real-time & predictive trip planning,

  • real-time and predictive (up to 60 minutes) information on road traffic conditions.
  • information on disruptions in public transport and road traffic. This information is dynamically integrated into trip planning.
  • Taxi service : information on available taxis in the area, characteristics for each taxi (kind of vehicule, payment methods accepted…)

Optymod’ uses:

  • A multimodal data repository developed by Cityway and made of
  • 13 theoretical databases
  • 12 real time data feeds
  • A real time multimodal/intermodal trip planner developed by Cityway

Real-time treatment of data (control/testing/dissemination) of about 9,700,000 real-time data/day with, for the data presented to the end user, a refreshment every minute.

app-optymod2  app-optymod4    app-optymod3


Rhônexpress – Lyon Airport Shuttle, riders and transportation information system


Travel between Lyon Airport and Lyon in less than 30 minutes. Rhônexpress, the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport shuttle takes you directly to Lyon city center !

Rhônexpress web site was developped by Cityway.

All fonctions are dedicated to the airport customers (for business or leisures).

  • Informations in French and English languages.
  • News, sales promotions  and commercial advertising in home page
  • Schedules and traffic informations, SMS alerts
  • E ticketing (opérating with an external ticketing system)
  • Member aera (for travellers)
  • Professionnal access (business account)
  • rhonexpress_site-english_home_2016