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Next bus departure times with QR code

Transdev Melbourne’s customers are now able to receive the next bus departure times for their stop, in real-time, by simply scanning a QR Code found at the bus stop. The requested information is directly displayed on a mobile website under the heading “Next bus departure times”. This solution is connected to a public transport reference database and delivers real-time information, once the Melbourne Bus network is equipped with an automatic vehicle monitoring system (AVMS or CAD/AVL).

Public transportation system: a real-time disruptions management tool

We developed a disruptions Management tool, allowing dynamic sharing of information regarding disruptions between Transdev Melbourne and its authority, PTV – Public Transport Victoria. It also provides the possibility to broadcast disruption information directly on the Transdev Melbourne website, and to inform Customers via SMS or email about ongoing or future disruptions on their preferred lines

A trip planner for school bus services

We developed a trip planner dedicated to school bus services, which simplifies information provided to pupils and their families.