The Optymod’Lyon project – Predictive and real time multimodal information within the Lyon Metropole Area including Public Transportation and Freight

The Optymod’ Lyon Project was launch to develop a platform for three innovative services:

  • Improvement of road traffic information by introducing traffic predictions in the trip calculations
  • Development of an urban navigator on smartphone fed with real time Information of all transport modes: this application contains navigation features such as trip calculation or information on transport around the user’s position
  • Development of a navigation assistant on mobile phone for urban freight operators integrating road traffic conditions, road characteristics, availability of delivery places (real time & predictive analytics – one hour ahead) allowing optimized freight delivery operations (planning of services)


Optymod’Lyon is a Public-Private cooperation, between the Lyon Metropole (Greater Lyon) and 12 private & public partners: CITYWAY, Autoroute Traffic, Orange Business Systems, Renault trucks…


Cityway’s missions within this project were to deliver:

  • A real-time transport database (end of 2012); the creation of a coherent platform from heterogeneous data and the homogenization of different mapping references.
  • A multimodal trip planner (delivered in June 2013) with all transport modes (including Transit, private car, walking, bike…): real time, predictive historical and scheduled data
  • A personal travel assistant (called Optymod’ – delivered in June 2013 and opened to the use of the public in February 2015), allowing for on trip route updates and recalculations using the position of the user.


The Optymod’ application also includes, besides multimodal/intermodal real-time & predictive trip planning,

  • real-time and predictive (up to 60 minutes) information on road traffic conditions.
  • information on disruptions in public transport and road traffic. This information is dynamically integrated into trip planning.
  • Taxi service : information on available taxis in the area, characteristics for each taxi (kind of vehicule, payment methods accepted…)

Optymod’ uses:

  • A multimodal data repository developed by Cityway and made of
  • 13 theoretical databases
  • 12 real time data feeds
  • A real time multimodal/intermodal trip planner developed by Cityway

Real-time treatment of data (control/testing/dissemination) of about 9,700,000 real-time data/day with, for the data presented to the end user, a refreshment every minute.

app-optymod2  app-optymod4    app-optymod3