Multimodal Information and Ticketing System for the Oise County


The the Oise Joint Transport Union (SMTCO) represents 13 Transport Authorities: the County of Oise, the Picardie Region and 11 cities including the city of Beauvais.

SMTCO entrusted the joint venture Cityway‐VIX‐ERG with the task of implementing an Integrated Mobility Platform in the Oise County, in the Northern part of France (SISMO). They have to ensure the entire Traveler Relation Management with: Information on the overall Mobility offer on the territory, Ticketing solutions with combined fares, Demand Responsive Transport booking and also claim management. These services are done under a 12 years 3P contract.


See Oise Mobilite website

Download the Oise Mobilité overview (in french)


Oise Mobilité

Challenges and objectives of the 3P contract

  • Ease the overall comprehension and the use of all transport modes available in the Oise County (urban and interurban transit, rail, personal car, car sharing, bike, carpooling…):
  • Provide the technical support of all the different mobility services among transport operators to ensure the good operation of the passenger information and the Smart Ticketing system
  • Merge and optimize human, technical and financial means deployed


  • Implementation of a team of 13 mobility advisors, experts in Traveler Information and Smart Ticketing services, who handle on behalf of the SMTCO the following tasks:
    • sales office front desk and call center
    • information on the available mobility services and fares
    • reservation of Demand Responsive Transport services and communication with the operators (road map transmission, billing…)
    • ticket sale and post-production support
    • customer relation management
    • communication, webastering and overall management of the Mobility Agency
  • Most of Cityway’s products have been deployed for the operating of the Oise Mobility Agency: optyweb, optygo, optycall, optybiv,…

Management of dynamic information at the County level

The mobility center manages dynamical display panels deployed throughout the Oise County. The aim is to guide passengers with information concerning all SMTCO partners (networks and operators).


Deployed equipment:

  • 20 electronic display panels on train stations, bus stations and multimodal transit terminals
  • 150 passenger information kiosks
  • 12 000 QRCode tag at bus stop


Broadcast information:

  • Real-time information at stops adjusted between schedules and real-time information
  • Traffic disruption alerts
  • Dynamic platform allocation (on multimodal transit terminals)


Geomonitor – Multi-partner fleet monitoring

The lines of Oise mobilité network are equipped with geomonitor

Challenges and objectives:

  • Insure a real time information for principal lines
  • Assure that information is homogeneous whichever transporter and his operating system.
  • Dispose of a simple tool enable operator’s autonomy in regard to system use and remote maintenance by Cityway