2.8 millions inhabitants

Developing a multi-modal trip planner and transport data management solution for the Burgundy-Franche Comté region

Mr. Michel Neugnot, Vice-Chairman for Transport, Mobility and Intermodality at Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region Authority, wished to see the concrete implementation of his vision: “mobility everywhere and for everyone, with the right means of transport in the right place, at a bearable cost for the local authority and at an affordable price for the user.”

This vision has today been brought to life in the region in the form of a MaaS project capable of operating a comprehensive intermodal service comprising the 4 bricks of Mobility as a Service: Inform, Book innovative mobility services, Sell-distribute and Improve.

We were appointed to lead this ambitious project which has a twofold goal.

For Passengers: provide real-time information to passengers of all the available mobility services and offer them the digital solutions to make use of them, in the aim of reducing single-occupancy vehicle use.

Supply information on all mobility services available in the Burgundy-Franche Comté region in real time.


For the Client: enable our client to optimise and deploy exhaustive passenger information to encourage passengers to change their daily travel habits.

Build a shared tool open to all partners to help to optimise the general service offer across the region, and observe mobility patterns to supply the levers that could potentially trigger change in mobility habits.

Our INFORM solution: Multimodal and real-time information

Our ability to integrate and interface all transport modes guarantees passengers with the most reliable real-time information available on the market.

The passenger app and website are deployed and are optimised constantly. They offer the means to provide the region’s passengers with reliable multimodal information, including all types of mobility on demand (virtual, zonal, flexible). The online MOD booking module will be added shortly.

We are also testing a ridesharing solution which will be deployed in several mobility catchment areas. Feedback from this test will help us to improve the service with a view to extending it throughout the region subsequently.

Real time (public transport and road traffic conditions) is incorporated as and when information is collected.


Our IMPROVE solution: Mobility service management and passenger insights solution

For our client, we deployed a genuine mobility management solution for the region to help them to optimise the services offered to users.

Our solution enables the client to:

  • check that service offers are up to date
  • check that the stops are located in the right place according to passenger needs and the stopping points of each zone
  • check and secure connections between public transport stops

Our solutions also enable our client to optimise their mobility services by improving direct interactions with users by:

  • following up complaints
  • routing targeted marketing campaigns
  • deploying satisfaction surveys

Using the mobile app, users can also report useful information back to the network (e.g. vandalised bus shelter, timetable non-compliance, etc.).

Our assistance in SELLING travel tickets:

Passengers are treated to perfectly transparent communication, which contributes to gaining their trust.

Fare information is provided. Passengers see the fare calculated for the trip they have searched: i.e. the overall cost across all transport modes, but also the price for each segment of the journey. If the user also adds their specific (concessionary) fare profile from those listed by the regional authority, the trip planner fare calculator will automatically give the fare corresponding to the profile.

We have integrated our client’s e-shop i-frame which allows passengers to top up their travelcard.

This sales system will be further optimised in the next stages of the project with a sales solution that includes a regionally-valid M-ticket.



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