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Itinisere: Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in the Isere French County

Itinisere is a 12 years project launched by the Conseil General de l’Isère (Isere County public transport authority) in April 2014, to provide real-time multimodal and intermodal information to people moving in the Isere area, but also to enhance the access to OpenData information and services regarding mobility in the entire County.

The Itinisere project is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) awarded to Cityway. The main goal of this project is to deploy the latest information technologies in order to serve people needs of mobility throughout the County without increasing the cost of heavy infrastructures. The ultimate goal of the Itinisere project is to listen to and understand the users’ mobility needs and expectations in order to fulfill them. Crowdsourcing system and data mining will be used to serve this goal and remain at the edge of technology.

Challenges and objectives of a MaaS system

Implementation of the data repository for all modes of transportation

  • Gathering of different sources of data on one single data platform which will become the system core, catching theoretical data and real-time feeds
  • Building and operating, by using the system core, an Open Data/Open Services platform to provide “Mobility as a Service” to key players willing to feed or use the system assets and create value added services for the mobility of people on all possible domains as public transit, road traffic but also tourism, business…
  • Providing innovative access to crowdsourcing and social media tools in order to offer the users the opportunity to become actors of Itinisere+ mobility service and enhance the accuracy/quality of data disseminated


A real-time multimodal trip planner

  • Setting up a mobility dedicated set of medias and associated services allowing users to access multimodal information on all modes available in Isere (transit, personal car, bikes, carpooling, car sharing, flights…), plan multimodal trips and recalculate journeys in real time when needed while travelling… The following tools will be deployed to cover all audiences’ needs :
    • Intermodal real-time planner including all modes
    • Multimodal Information Website accessible also on mobile devices
    • Interactive map and real-time positioning services
    • Smartphone Applications as GPS real time multimodal personal navigation tool
    • Call center dedicated to multimodal information
    • Interactiv Voice Server