Grand Avignon network (South of France) uses Cityway’s solutions: web site, app and real time carpooling service Popcar

Grand Avignon organizes transport services for the 15 towns of the area and delegates implementation to TCRA, Transdev subsidiary.

Website Bus +

This website includes essential functions of information and promotion of the transport offer:

  • Trip planner
  • Schedule search with real-time information
  • Slide show on homepage
  • News and disruption
  • Personal space



Real-time information interfaced to INIT operating support system  (CAD/AVL)

Bus+ website enables to visualize real-time schedule of next buses. These information are update in real-time from the network operating support system : SAE INIT

The Interface INIT CAD AVL / network web site was made by Cityway


Real time carpooling service – Popcar

This service organizes a collaborative transport line. Via the application, Popcar put in contact car drivers and passengers that travel on the same direction.

This service is available on two lines:

  • Villeneuve – Agroparc
  • Les angles – agroparc

Discover Popcar on video

Popcar application


Other real-time carpooling services develop by Cityway

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