20 km long / 30,000 direct jobs

With Flexilia, regular bus routes change into on-demand routes 5 days a week

With Flexilia, the Greater Le Havre region is already testing the mobility of the future in partnership with Cityway.

To achieve genuine changes in mobility habits: regular bus routes become on-demand routes, providing a public service on weekdays. 

Le Havre is the biggest port in France. It has a vast industrial zone which accommodates 200 companies and stretches for 20 km (12 miles). Previously, the area was difficult to reach by public transportation, with the result that private vehicles accounted for 99% of journeys.

Goal: our client wished to develop the appeal of this sector, reduce congestion in the zone and improve access to employment through a solution that offered convenient and quick mobility solutions, available at any time and at best cost, using buses and shuttles.


The Flexilia service fulfils several aims:

  • improve the appeal of the area and access to employment
  • develop service quality and efficiency
  • simplify passenger mobility around the clock.


Flexilia: mobility on demand optimised for both passengers and transport networks

A more effective mobility-on-demand service

Our client wished to improve the profitability of its mobility-on-demand service while also improving the quality of service to passengers.

Our algorithm automatically optimises the vehicle route in real time according to passengers’ requests.

For the client, this live optimisation helps improve the trip/km ratio, and for passengers it means more departures at different times.

This has delivered significant results: the accessibility of the service all day, every day, together with our easy-to-use digital app encouraged passengers to use the mobility-on-demand service more often. The number of passengers per day increased and our client optimised the profitability of its MOD service.


Before                                                                   After

Passenger feedback:

“A clear and easy-to-use application”

“It just takes a few clicks to book your ride”


Our service interfaces the MOD (mobility on demand) service with the regular public transport service

We are one of the few market players capable of interfacing all types of MOD with conventional public transport networks. We deployed our expertise in this area to deliver a solution for our client.


With our FLEX service, a seamless transition between the conventional network and the MOD service

Our solution allows passengers to book their ride as soon as they board the bus. They do not have to alight from their regular route to continue their journey on a MOD solution.


An all-digital mobility-on-demand management solution

Our solution comprises three complementary and real-time interconnected interfaces

user interface: a mobile app and a website

  • Trip booked on boarding. For the return trip, bookings can be made on the app or by phone.
  • Live tracking of buses
  • Wider morning and evening service schedules to meet companies’ needs.

driver interface: a tablet

  • With their tablet, the driver knows how many passengers they are supposed to pick up, at which stops, and where they will be alighting.


client interface: a back office solution


Lia de Nuit: mobility on demand available every night

Lia de Nuit won the Innovation Award at the 27th Ville, Rail et Transports Mobility Awards.

Our client wished to provide an adequate service to the zone for passengers needing to travel to the sector during night time hours.

The client wished to replace a mobility-on-demand service available 3 nights per week from June to October with a MOD service available every night, at identical cost.


For passengers, a more accessible, more flexible, easier to use mobility-on-demand service

  • Booking up to 30 minutes in advance
  • Stop on request (public venues, specific address)
  • Notifications in the event of service delays


For drivers, more effective real-time management of their mobility-on-demand route

  • No external assistance required to manage the service
  • Automatic booking and ride grouping
  • Real-time updates of bookings


Looking forward: predictive and even better-attuned mobility on demand

Avenues for improvement to reduce no-shows on Lia de Nuit

Predict the future trips of your customers and offer to book their ride automatically


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