Corolis network uses Cityway’s solutions : real-time carpooling Oscar and Chronopro

Corolis network serves the whole agglomeration of Beauvais. The web site of Corolis takes all modes of transport in account : public transport, car, bike, carpooling…

Oscar : real-time carpooling




This is a carpooling application organized along pre-defined routes. Oscar put in contact car drivers and riders who travel on the same direction.

This service is available for the route Auneuil – Beauvais



Principal benefit:

  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility: car drivers are free to change and adjust their schedule and ride.
  • Secure service: all profile on Oscar are assessed and car drivers are localized.
  • Compensation of car drivers which increase with the number of riders effectively transported.


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In august 2016, Corolis launched a new service: Chronopro. It allows connecting chrono routes 1 and 2 to companies on Ther, Villiers, Haut Villé and Pinconlieu areas of activity.

Employees who work on these areas are the main clients of this service. To use it, travelers just have to go to the bus stop and choose the destination. On their way back (or other direction), travelers have to select the desired drop-off time and present their reservation code, received on their smartphones, to the driver.

Chronopro leaflet 

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