Optycall Users meeting

A full day dedicated to Demand Responsive Transport

Transport on demand (TRD), whenever they are classical (virtual, zonal…) or  innovative  First mile / Last mile solution (like Chronopro), are key elements in order to improve the efficiency of transport networks. Our solution  Optycall has been designed specifically to operate Demand Responsive Transport: 

  • phone or web booking and reservation
  • optimization of vehicles, according to operators’ constraints and travellers’ needs
  • drivers roadmaps editing, including a mobile roadmap displayed on board (smartphone)
  • reporting and invoicing to the concerned stakeholders

On February the 2nd 2017, about 20 Optycall Users, all mobility advisors for transport networks or customers relations centers, met in Paris (France) with Cityway‘s  teams. There, they have reviewed the recent tool’s evolutions, exchanged good pratices, shared  questions and needs…

optycall_club utilisateurs 2017_pêle mêle

A dynamic Users Community is under process. Other actions will take place this year:   field observations days, on line  user’s manual , webinars….

If Demand Responsive Transport service is also a major subject for you, let us know! 

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