Informing, booking and managing customer services.

The account managers in call centers or in sales agencies must ensure multiple assignments in a very short time: to respond customer requests, to propose solutions, to book on-demand transport services and to initiate associated operating resources, to manage complaints…

Optycall gives them the resources to work efficiently and calmly.

The + service: the online TAD reservations module, find out further down this page!

A customized tool for mobility consultants

OptYcall is a professional application designed with operators exerting in call centers and in sales agencies.

4 functional modules are proposed :

  • Information: this module allows to inform the traveler about the availability of travel relying on the multimodal route planner Optygo,
  • On-demand transport: this module makes it possible to manage reservations and to organize resources optimization operations to the transmission of drivers’ roadmaps.
  • Customer services: Log book module for the treatment of the complaints and customers’ files follow-up.
  • Statistics: on every call center activities or sales agency (volume and deadlines)


The online booking module

This module allows travelers to book 24/7 their on-demand transport services independently.

Online reservations are synchronized in real time with the reservations made by the call center.





Optycall handles all types of TAD

To meet all network configurations, Optycall allows you to manage

  • The zonal TAD, stop-to-stop, address-to-address, with consideration of possible PMR features.
  • The TAD Zonal drawdowns on a regular line with a drawdown schedule defined accordingly to a regular route schedules.
  • Virtual lines (Scheduled services and pre-defined routes)

The + effectiveness: Optycall also manages the non-competition between TAD services and regular lines!


The optimization functions

All the challenge of the TAD reservation is to optimize the customers clustering in order to limit the operation resources that are committed to maintain the quality of service for the traveler.

For each reservation, Optycall provides the tele-consultants a comparison of the possible combinations, with a scale of effectiveness according to different criteria: bulking rate, kilometers traveled, transport time, quality of service.

The mobility consultant has all the elements in hand to make the best choice while retaining the freedom to take into account his knowledge of the customer concerned or the context of the moment.

At the registration of the selected reservation, a confirmation is sent to the traveler.


Roadmap transfers.

Optycall generates roadmaps intended for operators and drivers.

  • Summary of races
  • Customers
  • Places and delivery times

The + practical: roadmaps are available online (website) and on mobiles.


The mobile roadmap module

The roadmap is a complete tool to make the driver’s job easier and to keep the driver and the call center in constant communication.

  • Reservations updated in real time
  • Driver messaging
  • Help with navigation
  • Tracking hours and pick-up places
  • Button to report missing customers


Optycall statistical monitoring

optycall generates activity reports, in the form of:

  • Exportable tables,
  • Graphs
  • Cartographic representations

These reporting elements are CSV or PDF exportable.




Optycall: a multi-operator solution

  • It is an online application, accessible from any Internet connected station thanks to a secure portal.
  • Several operators can intervene successively on a customer file (to process a complaint, to modify a reservation…); all interventions are traced and everyone can see what his colleagues have already done.
  • The different partners stakeholders of the transport network (Organizing Authorities, Carriers, Drivers…) can remotely and in real time share information (status of reservations, follow-up of complaints, roadmaps),

You can also outsource your call center

Cityway provides, to many networks, the management of telephone and/or agency mobility centers.

This formula has many advantages:

  • Our operators are mobility and phoning professionals.
  • They obviously use the Optycall tool.
  • They work in a network to share good practices and to pool resources: in the event of a peak traffic on a call center, or staggered times, customer calls may move to other available call centers. The telephone advisor then sees on his screen all the information needed to respond to remote requests from the user.
  • As principal, you maintain the quality of service and the monitoring of the performance of the call center (waiting time, catch rate…).

They use our call center services : Oise Mobilité – Mobigo Bourgogne