To promote available seats in cars

Observation: every day cars enter cities with often only one person on board…. At the same time some neighborhoods are difficult to serve with regular fixed routes…

Ideato use available seats in private cars in order to complete transit systems’ offer by creating short distance carpool routes organized by transit agencies!


How does a Fleetme carpool route works?

We begin by studying with the transit system, the infrastructure of each sector and the service needs to respond to the needs. The objective is to build carpool routes that follow the natural movements of drivers so that the carpoolers can take as few detours as possible in order to reach the service of these routes.

Carpool stops will then be defined all along the routes, as for a bus fixed routes.


Drivers who want to share their car on all or part of their regular journeys declare it via the Fleetme application, specifying the proposed routes, times and days. They will be compensated according to the economic principles set by the transit agency.

The rider who wants to use the carpool route uses the same application. He can book his trip in advance or wait until the last moment to search for a driver.

When the time comes, he goes to the stop and visualizes on his phone the real-time location of Fleetme vehicles on approach. When the vehicle arrives at the stop, it is identified by a logo affixed to its visor. The rider only has to validate his ticket and confirm his boarding by scanning with his phone a QR Code present in the rider’s car!


Watch the video presentation

See the Fleetme dedicated website

They deployed Fleetme on their transit system

3 pilot transit systems operated by Transdev have tested Fleetme in 2016 and 2017

The transit system of Grenoble agglomeration launched the service in autumn 2017, under the local name TAG&CAR