Chronopro is a low-density microtransit solution that optimizes real-time services based on the travelers’ demands.

  • Fields of application: Services to and from activities areas, First mile/Last mile station drawdownsand night services
  • Benefits for Travelers: optimizing Travel Times, comfort, easy booking
  • Benefits for the transit system: Resource optimization, less miles traveled, more travelers by trips


How does it work?

The transit system defines a connection point in between a given transit fixed route with the area to serve, the Hub. Service is organize to ensure connections between the Chronopro shuttle and the transit fixed routes for both inbound and outbound ways.

chronopro_carto zone et hub  


On the way to the Chronopro service area, the traveler first takes a transit fixed route to the Hub destination.

  • Before or during his journey, he selects, via the Chronopro application, the final stop he wants to go to.
  • His booking is recorded and a seat his reserve in the next shuttle.

Upon arrival at the Hub, the traveler finds the shuttle that takes him to the Chronopro area.

Chronopro_visu aller_enregistrement arrêt destination

chronopro_visu_retour_chronopro arrive 17H13


For the return, it’s just as easy:

  • When wanting to return to the Chronopro HUB, the traveler selects his pick-up stop point via the application.
  • The system organizes the service.
  • A few minutes before the actual arrival of the shuttle, the traveler receives an alert on his smartphone and can follow the approach of the vehicle in real time on his smartphone.
  • The shuttle drops him off at the Hub where he is assured of finding a connection with the transit fixed route.


They use the application Chronopro : réseaux de Vitrolles –  Beauvais – Mulhouse – Courtaboeuf

Chronopro Courtaboeuf Grand Prix 2017 de la Région Capitale – catégorie périrubain


Chronopro, the press speaks about it…

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2017_05_La Provence_Chronopro – Vitrolles

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