Launch of Greater Paris Area innovative project

Launch of M2i Greater Paris Area, Île-de-France Mobilités innovative project

At the 2018 European Mobility Exhibition , delegates witnessed the launch of the innovative m2i project to which Cityway is a contributor.

This project, launched at a press conference by Stéphane Beaudet, Regional Vice President for Transportation and Richard Dujardin, CEO France of Transdev, prefigures the traveler information services of the future in the Paris region.

Cityway is lending m2i its digital expertise and investing in technology to invent the digital tools that travelers and transit authorities will be using in the future, with major challenges ahead in terms of technical issues, inter-modality and rider expectations in the Paris region.

The ambition of Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) is to have trustworthy information in real time which encompasses all public and private transportation means. The m2i project is jointly coordinated by IDFM and Transdev, and is being delivered by 8 partners including Cityway. Every day, billions of items of data will be collected in real time, used and analyzed for the benefit of riders, the transit authority and networks.

m2i aims to create a trip planner application combining all mobility services, from buses to urban commuter rail, together with ride-sharing, self-hire bikes and carpooling. m2i will integrate real-time information and next-hour predictions for all transportation modes: public or private, collective or individual. m2i will also give an indication of traveling comfort: whether the bus is crowded, whether there are any vacant seats, etc.

The project will also supply an advanced transportation network management tool and a digital observatory for the benefit of public mobility policy.

m2i_Thinking Cities November 2018