A website dedicated to transport

The Internet has become an essential media for any mobility service.

  • Travelers request more than just a simple transport information.They want to be able to buy their transport vouchers, track their consumptions and benefit from personalized e-services.
  • The sales team of transport operators needs tools adapted to their business in order to fulfill their mission as mobility consultants, to organize the commercial relationship with travellers and to extend the visibility of their services.

Optyweb is the tool to answer these challenges.

The Traveler Vision: all the services of a commercial agency but with the flexibility of the Web

The Cityway CMS makes it possible to offer on your Website all the useful services to travelers:

  • Time and fare information,
  • Route Calculation
  • Travel route plans and interactive maps.
  • News
  • Disruptions
  • Contact
  • Online Store
  • Personal space

Optyweb Websites are, of course, web-responsive that is, that its display automatically adapts to the size of the consultation screen: computer, tablet or smartphone.

The + technical: our CMS meets the requirements of the W3C international benchmarks and the national RGAA for the accessibility of services to the sensory impaired.

Example of implementation : Urban network Website of the Metropolis of Saint Etienne.

The Marketing service vision: Time Saving and visibility

Designed with and for the transport network team, the Cityway CMS provides the resources to effectively manage the online customer relationship:

  • Publication of schedules, of network plans or of descriptive fares in just a few clicks.
  • Information Management of Disruptions (advertisements and sending alerts to subscribers).
  • Dissemination of targeted mailing, SMS disruptions alert.
  • Dissemination of online surveys or contests.
  • Exporting membership files (subscriptions to newsletter and disruptions alerts)
  • Creating pages or extra sections on the fly,
  • Previewing and historical record of content managed.

The + practical

icon-1  The Optyweb CMS is a multi-users tool. It makes it possible to manage different rights profiles according to sections and missions entrusted to each collaborator: proofreading, writing, publication….

icon-2 Our sites are designed in a standardized and open way. They can exchange information with other sites or interfacing with market marketing tools such as Sales Force (interfacing the website contact form with the customer relationship tracking fields).

Learn more about our technical architectures

A custom design advice

Our multidisciplinary team will offer you advice to design a Website adapted to your needs and particularities of your network: features, ergonomics, graphic charter, referencing. A project manager will oversee your project until the launch of the website.

The functionalities can be enriched over time, depending on the evolution of the network.