Describe a transportation offer

The prerequisite for any information system construction is to have descriptive data of the transport offer: stops, routes, schedules…

Many operators already have, for the purposes of their operation, professional tools allowing the description of the offer (for example graphic software). When this is not the case, the OptyData solution allows you to create descriptive databases of the offer.

Create and manage the transport data

Optydata allows to describe the theoretical transport offer of a network:

  • Geographical coordinates and names of stopping points
  • Numbers and lines designations.
  • Routes structure and designation (ordered list of stop points).
  • Description of the trips and their travel schedules.
  • Operating schedule and notions of periods (school periods, holidays.).

Feed information and sales systems

The information entered in OptyData can be exported in the form of standardized files towards the information and sales systems and in particular the multimodal repository management tool: Optybase.

Good to know

OptyData is based on the operational principles of the open-software CHOUETTE. It contributes, in this sense, to the good practices generalization of the description of the offer at the operators’ users.