The application to build and manage a multi partner repository

Data is the keystone of any Information System. If they are inaccurate or incomplete, no route planner ticketing system or SAEIV will work properly.

OptYbase gives you the resources to:

  • To integrate the data of several partners ((multi-networks and multi modes).),
  • To interconnect them.
  • To check their coherence.
  • To better coordinate the offers of the different operators.


Integration and data management

optYbase allows you to manage a multimodal – multipartner repository in 3 steps:

  • To integrate network databases describing transport offers (stops, routes, timetables, periods, POI) by interfacing with the network’s business tools (HastusTitan …) or,importing data captured from the free software Chouette or in our Optydata solution.
  • To identify and correct any anomalies thanks to the automatic test functions (detection of missing data, incorrect formats, inconsistent schedules…) and thanks to the geographical coherence control functions.
  • To link the data of the different partners (stop designation, correspondence management, taking into account any local traffic bans …).


Multi-partner management

optYbase is designed for a multi-partner project management by enabling:

  • Each partner to feed the common transport data repository with its own data,
  • The central administrator to manage the linking of these data,
  • Different players to follow the different interventions conducted over time on the repository.


Analysis and optimization functions of the offer

Based on the Cityway’s route planner, optYbase perform offer analysis of all networks considered and thus obtain a global vision of the efficiency – or weaknesses – of the territory servicing. :

  • Analysis of transfer hubs: synthesis of the global offer of a transfer hub, graphical visualization of the correspondence conditions (inter-stop distance, connection time, etc.)
  • Gap analysis and redundancy: synthesis of the global offer on a given route, graphic display of the distribution of the races and the breaks in loads.
  • Definition of reference routes for receiving an alert in the event of a change in the offer of a partner impacting inter-network connections. 

The + service : an additional PDE module enables rapid identification of transport solutions accessible to each employee from a file of employees provided by the company. To learn more about this module, contact us !


Good to know

icon-1Optybase integrates the partners’ data in a specific format to each but allows them to be re-exported to the standardized national and international formats (NeptuneGTFS …). One can thus, supply several information systems or other tools (ticketing SAEIV…), without multiplying the entries and with the guarantee that the data is properly coherent.

icon-2Optybase allows the automation of imports: networks whose offer evolves throughout the year can automatically deposit new data files every day, every week or every month on a dedicated server. Automatic data verification is done at each import. If anomalies are detected, the data is not put into production and the referent interlocutors are alerted by email.