Sharing information in a disrupted situation.

The management of a public transport network or a road network is subject to hazards: weather events, accidents, works, traffic jams, protests … During such events, it is essential that the various transport players (local authorities, transport operators, security services…) can quickly share information to ‘optimize the management of events while informing the general public.

That’s why Cityway has developed geoEvents.

This multi-users web application allows all concerned parties to report a disruption, to track its progress and to inform travelers.


Report a disruption

Objective: any player in the network facing a disturbing event must be able to report it quickly to the central team (operation and customer service), giving the necessary and sufficient information to the management of a disruption.

For this, geoEvents makes it possible to enter in a few clicks the events and their consequences:

  • Type of event (accident, work … choice in a drop-down menu)
  • Location (map search and/or drop-down menu)
  • Consequences (delay, diverted lines, deleted trip… choice in a drop-down menu)
  • Forecast duration

The alerting module is accessible via mobile or fixed web for the personnel working in the field (controllers, ground control agents…).


Disseminate information in a disrupted situation.

Once the event is reported, the customer service can quickly disseminate the information:

  • Library of pre-defined formulations according to the type of event and the intended dissemination format.
  • Distribution lists by E-mail and SMS for the network’s internal services and for partners (Organizing authority, security services, educational facilities…)
  • Sending by web services to the network’s information systems (web site, dynamic information panels, etc.) or to third-party systems (partners, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Triggering warning mails and/or SMS for travelers registered for this service (module of our Optyweb solution).


Follow the evolution of the disrupted situation

GeoEvents makes it possible to complete and modify the information as events unfold.

  • A list of current events is proposed.
  • For each event, opportunity to display the content and to modify the consequences and the projected duration.
  • In every modification, visualization and conservation of the data history of previous entries.

Customer cases : Geoevents is used by the departments of Oise and Isère.

Strong points

GeoEvents manages different profiles and users rights.

This allows:

Tiret, énumération point 1  To open safely the events’ reporting rights to a large number of users in order to maximize feedback. In the case, for example, of a multi-network use, each network can only enter disruptions for its own travel lines.

Tiret, énumération point 2   To reserve the functions of writing/disseminating the information to a few interlocutors trained for this – for example, in the sales department. This dissociates the technical management of the disruption and the communication on such disruption.