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Geo3D – Real-time fleet monitoring

Managing on board passenger information

Geo3d is a CAD/AVL system which also combines on board passenger information. It enhances the day to day operating of a transport network, and provides passenger information both visual and audio on board. But Geo3d is also a powerful system to promote a global and real-time information to be broadcasted on a wide range of medias which represents a real value added service for the travelers.

Geo3d has been designed to be the “control tower” of any equipped network status. It gives access to monitoring tools that allows the real-time management of a fleet of vehicles. It is an open solution which is able to communicate using normalized data exchange with most of the existing passenger information systems as: wayside dynamic display panels, mobile apps, websites…

Real time operations monitoring

On board Geo3d equipments helps the operator to ensure real-time supervision of a vehicle fleet including the following features:

  • Drivers system sign-on verification and ahead/behind times monitoring
  • Disruption reported immediately
  • Continuous contact with drivers
  • Rational driving assistance
  • Ex-post analysis of fleet services and operations adjustements

The operation center has access to a real-time map display of the network allowing the visualization of

  • each vehicle postion, with a direct access to its infroamtion (driver ID, vehicle ID, ongoing service, ahead/behind times calculated with respect to scheduled transport data, advancement of the vehicle on its route…)
  • specific events occuring on the network (service sign-on/off, off road status, on board alerts…)

Operation optimization

Geo3d allows an ex-post review of operational data:

  • operation statistics per line, per service, per driver…It is then possible, for example, to compare real passing times of a service to scheduled data for a given date and to adjust consequently schedules for the upcoming year…
  • Replay of a given vehicle route on an interactive map visualization tool helps the administraive user to study, manage customer claims on passing times or control the realized operations. For example, if a customer reports that a vehicle didn’t not show at a specific stop on a specific date/time, it will then be possible to replay this vehicle route to verify if the service was done and done well (verification of ahead/behind times)

Driver assistance

Drivers benefit from dedicated tools, into the driving position:

  • Alert system to be activated if needed (damage, assault, passenger faintness, traffic congestion, accident …)
  • GSM connection with the operation center, using handfree microphone/speake device
  • Rational driving assistance by displaying to drivers their immediate consumption

Geo3d assists drivers to optimize their driving (materizing their acceleration/decelerations…) to limit CO² emissions, vehicle wear and damage and increase significantly the passengers’ comfort.

On board passenger information

Geo3D allows the management of on board passenger information in order to meet the passengers needs but also the accessibility obligations.

  • Visual information using 19” TFT screen of dynamic display format 19’’ or horizontal LED band
  • Audio announcements at front, at rear and outside at the front door of the vehicle

The provided information concern:

  • The line number
  • The destination
  • The name of the next station or stop

With this information, the passengers are reassured and can anticipate the next steps of their trip.




icon-1  Multi-media valorisation: Geo3d is a powerful system to promote global and real-time information to be broadcasted on a wide range of media which represents a real value added service for travelers. Our product range optYweb, optYmob, optYcall… or any other product of the market can be interfaced to enhance the power of our customer information systems. Real-time information is also used by our trip planner optYgo.