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The Canadian transport magazine FORUM edited an article about Transport Interchange Stations and the EU-financed research project NODES (in which Cityway is a partner).

The Canadian transport magazine FORUM (“Forum Canadien sur le transport Collectif”) has just edited an article in its april 2016 issue dedicated to Accessible Mobility, about Transport Interchange Stations and the EU-financed research project NODES (New tools for the Design and Operation of Urban Transport Interchanges) supported by the International Organization for Public Transport (UITP).

Emilie Dubos and Andrew Canning from UITP sum up the issue this way:

« Transport Interchanges are supposed to allow smooth connections between different transport modes (“intermodality”) and a key part of this is ensuring that they are accessible to all passengers. But when they have been built prior to major urban developments or faces changes such as rapid population increases, they can sometimes become a nightmare for passengers.”

In view of this, the NODES project (in which Cityway is partner) has elaborated tools allowing Authorities and Operators to optimize their Interchanges Station.

In the different “pilot sites” (Toulouse, Rouen, Birmingham, Roma, Thessalonika, Osnabrück…) the project has highlighted a key factor of success: taking into account the experience of passengers.

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Intermodality will be one of the topic raised during the UITP Summit that will take place in Montreal on the 15th to 17th of May 2017.

More information on the Summit: