Online sale of transport vouchers

The transport network Internet sites have become essential components of the customer relationship. Travelers want to find transport solutions for their journeys but also to buy their transport vouchers. The sale on the Internet and on smartphones is constantly increasing, in volume as in proportion, compared to the other networks sales channels.

Payweb – The solution for online sales of transport vouchers,

  • Allows the Internet user to buy and/or renew his transport voucher online, in complete safety, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, without having to travel.
  • Provides to the transport network the resources to strengthen its distribution system.

Depending on the needs of the network, several levels of services can be implemented, from the simple remote selling service (with delivery by post) to the online transport voucher re-loading.

The +service: an additional module that allows you to buy a ticket and to reserve a seat on board. This module meets the needs of seasonal connections to seaside resorts or ski stations.


Mail order selling

This solution is a 1st level service for networks without a ticketing system.

The entire network fare range can be offered for sale online.

Principles: the Internet user makes his vouchers purchases online and receives his orders by mail. The treatment remains manual for the commercial service. 

  • The Internet user can manage his shopping cart, track his orders, pay thanks to the secure online payment-banking He can attach supporting documents, photos, and dynamically fill in the forms. The system also allows you to manage a payment schedule…
  • The network’s sales department has a back-office permitting the management of the range of prices, the follow-up of orders and its progress, the sending of invoices by mail…


Ticketing reloading online store

This solution is intended for networks equipped with a ticketing system. It does not require any specific hardware for the user and does not generate distribution costs.  It is a multi network, multi customer, and multi tickets solution.

Principle: Once the traveler has a ticket card on the network, he can follow his account and reload his voucher online, via a computer or a smartphone.

  • The Internet user can view his account and the voucher associated with his An interface with the ticketing system allows him to identify himself, to validate the reloading, to proceed to secure payment by credit card and to consult the history of his orders.
  • The information is transmitted to the central ticketing system that updates the rights of the cards on the onboard or ground-based ticketing equipment (validators, TPVS distributors). The card will be reloaded at the next validation.

Customer case : The Online Store of the Rouen network


ETicket with seat reservation

For seasonal transport services (service to ski resorts or seaside resorts in correspondence with a TGV station, serving cultural or sports events, etc.), seat reservations and access control are the essential challenges of service quality and efficiency.

The e-ticket solution allows travelers to buy and book their seats online and to download their e-ticket on their mobile phone (or instead to print it).

The solution includes a remote purchase module, a validation/control module and a back-office for administration.

The transport voucher is issued in the form of a secure QR Code (128-bit AES), which identifies the purchased voucher and its conditions of invalidity.

  • The validity check is performed by the driver or controllers using a dedicated Android application.
  • The application can operate in disconnected mode (depending on network choices) to overcome network coverage defaults.
  • The sales department manages in the back office the pricing conditions applicable to the sales and the use rights of drivers and controllers


The e-ticket with a seat reservation allows the transport network to :

  • Simplify the control
  • Guarantee a single validation: no fraud possible
  • Adapt the offer to the demand: possibility of anticipating the introduction of dubbing according to the recorded bookings.
  • Follow the uses: with the possibility of integrating reservation data into its ticketing system in order to have a consolidated statistical base.

The + technical : options can be added depending on the network equipment.

  • Identification of the controller or driver via a username/password if a ticketing SI is already present.
  • RSA encryption system (used by banks)

Customer case: e-ticket with seat reservation on the Transgironde’s summer routes.


Good to know

icon-1When setting up a website store, Cityway ensures the interfacing of the online store with the ticketing systems of the network’s network and manages, if necessary, the relations with the industrialists concerned.


Sales modules can be made available to network partners (tourist offices, other transport networks…)