A single user account for all transport services

Today many solutions are proposed for travel: bus, car, train, car sharing, carpool, bicycle….

But most of the time, each operator manages his own pricing and sales system and the travelers must do the steps, the transport vouchers … and the invoices….

A solution now exists to really simplify mobility : the unique user account.

The principle is simple:

  • The traveler registers to a mobility platform – providing once and for all his personal information.
  • Once registered, he can use all the transport services of the platform (including for example car parking).
  • He pays a single invoice at the end of the month, benefiting from the adjusted fares according to the real use.
  • At any time, he can track consumption on his user account.


Realize the Mobility Service

The first mobility account of France was launched in the summer of 2017 by the Mulhouse agglomeration.

This small revolution will undoubtedly change the mobility practices and inspire other agglomerations!

Cityway provides the interoperable platform for the mobility account, the passenger interfaces and the interfaces for transport operators who are partners of the mobility account. We also provide interfacing with the information and sales systems of the different operators.

For more information or for a mobility account project study, contact us.