Buy and validate via your smartphone

Ticketing M on smartphone is revolutionizing the access to transport services:

Traveler benefits:

  • No more queues
  • Express purchase
  • Service available everywhere, 24/7

Operator Benefits and Organizing Authority

  • Diversification of sales channels at lower cost
  • Smooth boarding and increased commercial speed
  • Speed ​​of deployment
  • Scalability

The solution includes a traveler-purchase module, a control module and a back office administration.


Customer vision

The customer buys, downloads and stores on their phone one or more transport vouchers. Payment is made by credit card, via the secure server of the network e-store.

At the time of travel, he selects on his phone the voucher to use and validates it by scanning a QR Code. He can then view the parameters of the current trip: number of passengers allowed, remaining connecting time.

Note that the application can also work with a validation via e-guide.

The application also allows the customer to view the history of his purchases, to obtain invoices or to view the voucher balances available on his account.

Controller vision

The controlled traveler displays the QR Code of his trip on his smartphone.

The controller flashes this QR code with its own smartphone whose screen displays the result of the control:

  • OK check, with reminder of the voucher used and the number of passengers allowed
  • Or KO control, with refusal reason (expired voucher…).

All flashed QR codes are stored in the application and transferred to the server so that the control statistics can be edited.

Note that in case of need, the controller can perform a simple control at sight, according to the indications posted on the smartphone of the traveler.

Commercial service vision

In the back office, the transport network can set the pricing principles, define the controllers’ rights and monitor the use of the applications (purchases, sales, controls).


Since March 2016, the urban transport network of the Auxerrois Community offers to its connected travelers an all-in-one service:

  • Traffic information, routes and schedules
  • M ticketing
  • And even reading novels and news!

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