2 stages of the same innovation process

Cityway and the Greater Lyon Metropolis have led, with other partners, two major transport innovation projects: Optimod’, within the Greater Lyon area and Opticities, in Europe.

Step 1 = Lyon’ Optimod, multimodal real-time and predictive urban navigator


The Optimod’ carried out by the Greater Lyon was selected in December 2011 as part of a call for projects in urban mobility from ADEME..

With a budget of 7 million Euros for a period of 3 years, the project brought together 13 public and private partners, with the aim of developing and experimenting on Lyon territory with new digital solutions to organize the movements of travelers and freight :

  • 1 hour traffic forecast.
  • All-modes browser, real time on mobile phones.
  • Mobile guidance routine optimization tool for urban freight operators

At its launch in 2011, this project was the first example of public-private cooperation to develop intelligent transport systems in urban areas and the first information platform integrating all modes of transport of a metropolis.


The 13 public and private partners :

  • 2 Authorities: the Greater Lyon and the City of Lyon.
  • 8 Companies: Renault Trucks, IBM, Orange, Cityway, Phoenix ISI, Parkeon, Highways Traffic, Geoloc Systems.
  • 3 research organizations: Transport Economics Laboratory (LET Lyon II), Public Works Regional Engineering Offices (CETE) of the East and the LIRIS Laboratory (INSA).

Step 2: Opticities, integration of Europe


OPTICITIES’ is the European extension of Optimod.
Bringing together 25 partners from 8 different countries, and with a budget of 13 million for a period of 3 years, this project aimed to demonstrate the reproducibility of innovations developed for Optimod ‘Lyon and to develop the new interoperable applications in 6 European cities.

  • Industrialization of processes.
  • Carpool integration.
  • Continuity car – smartphone GPS

Partners :

  • Lyon, Madrid, Turin, Gothenburg, Wroclaw, Birmingham …,
  • Spie, Cityway, Hacon, Vedecom Institute … ..
  • UITP, Ertico Eurocities …

The added value of Cityway in these R&D projects

Cityway brings to projects its experience in multi-partners information systems and its technical expertise to achieve:

  • A repository of theoretical and real time data.
  • A 1 hour forecast scenario based on historical data.
  • A real-time multimodal trip planner.
  • Responsive websites.

Discover the Optymod application as it works today.

Presentation video of the Optimod :