Chouette – Standardization and Open Source Software

CHOUETTE is an open source software developed at the initiative of the French Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Development, with the aim of

  • Promoting the creation of standard databases for all transport providers.
  • Simplifying the exchange of data related to public transport services.

This tool makes it possible to build and manage descriptive databases of networks’ theoretical offers, whether these offers are for one or several modes. As a result, it provides standardized data, including the NFP 99506 standard, called NEPTUNE, which specifies an XML exchange profile.

Cityway has contributed for many years to the evolution of this tool and hosts it.  Version 3.3 (open source) is available since May 2016. It is available on the public website of the application:

You can test Chouette v. 3.3  online and in open-access. (Demo Account login: / password: chouette)

As always, this version comes with the source code and its documentation.


Validation platform

  • Since May 2016, a transport data conversion and validation site, which naturally complements Chouette, is also available:

    Supported by AFIMB, it is the public reference website for data validation (Neptune, GTFS today and Netex next year), in the context of the opening of public transport data in France.

    It will be completed in the coming months by all of Chouette’s quality control tests and a Web API.