Mobility as a Service – MaaS Objectives

Cityway is an IT company specialized in the field of transport.

Since 2001, we have been designing solutions to simplify travel and reduce single-occupancy vehicle use, in partnership with transport network operators and local authorities: route planner, e-ticket, on-demand transport…

Cityway has 2 objectives:

  • Enable every traveler to quickly find the transport solutions they need.
  • Empower local authorities with resources manage the consistency of their transport offer and modal choices.

For this purpose, we provide innovative digital tools for:

Solutions and services across the entire transport chain

Our applications and services allow you to effectively manage the four pillars of the Mobility Service:

  • Inform: Multimodal trip planners on Websites and smartphone applications, real-time information,
  • Book: booking tools for on-demand transport via call centers via websites, neighborhood carpool, real-time on demand transport for business parks,
  • Sell online stores, smartphone ticketing solutions, multi-service user accounts, ticketing systems operation…
  • Improve: multimodal databases, tools for analyzing and coordinating transport offers, monitoring activity, assistance to prepare EDP, handling disruptions….

DATA expertise

We are expert at integrating all types of mobility-related data, whatever the providers, the format, or the update rates of these data. You will thus be able to manage and increase the value of all transport services in your area, regardless of the operators of these services.

How does it work?

  1. We collect the data by interfacing with the operators’ systems :
    • Real-time monitoring of buses from the Network Operating System (SAE).
    • Available parking spots, interfacing with Parking Management Tools.
    • State of the road traffic, interfacing with the urban area traffic control center.
    • Fare rules, interfacing with the operators’ ticketing systems.
    • …/…

    Then we convert data to qualified information dedicated to the passengers, travellers or transport stakeholders and we  broadcast them on mediums and devices adapted to different needs : web sites, smartphones, Smart Ticketing Systems…

  2. We transform raw data into targeted information
    for travelers or transport stakeholders.
  3. We disseminate traveler or transport information
    on devices and tools adapted to each user: websites, smartphone applications, dynamic panels, ticketing system, operating or analysis tools…. Thus, everyone has the information that they need, when they need it, for their own use.

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Customized services

Shema_2_usNot only we do provide software, we accompany you throughout your project, from planning to implementation:

  • Relations with manufacturers and transport operators.
  • Organization and coordination of partners.
  • Users tests…


We can also help manage operations of the systems on your behalf:

  • Management of call centers for transport information, after sales service for ticketing or booking.
  • Administration of transport databases.
  • Web mastering of multimodal information sites.

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An expertise in both transport and technology

Cityway is a subsidiary of Transdev group, one of the world’s leading providers of mobility services.

The company’s headquarters are located in Aix-en-Provence, and our team has offices in Chicago, Toronto, Paris and and a few other French cities.

A few figures :

  • 150 employees
  • 17 million euros of annual revenue: 2/3 for Local Authorities and 1/3 for Transport Operators
  • More than 100 transport websites, route planners and mobile applications delivered
  • 15 transfer hubs equipped with management and information systems

Our customers

Our company works for transport networks, local authorities and main government organization (Ministry of Transport, local governments ..). It is also renowned for its contributions to the standardization of European transport data and Open Data.

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