A real-Time multimodal transit App in Torino Italy

The experimentation Optimod’Torino started. Optimod is an integrated mobility platform allowing users to find in real-time, the best combination of transportation modes providing the quickest trip while avoiding traffic jams.

TUeTO : Torino multimodal real-time transportation App

March 2016 – Torino (Italy)

Optimod was born in Lyon (Optimod’Lyon project) and is now spreading-out. Its version in Torino is called TUeTO. Polytechnics of Torino is now conducting final tests, until the end of May, which is the estimated time to market. “TUeTO position our city among the avant-garde in terms of Mobility, with this multimodal real time GPS navigation Assistant. Every mobility mode is integrated in a single click. Better than Google”said the Stampa article.

TUeTO takes into account the real-time transit information, road work, traffic congestion, parking availability, bikes available on bike-sharing stations… and suggests alternative trips to the users adapting minute by minute.
TUeTO’s innovation is based on its ability to mix traffic data coming from different local partners (5T, GTT), bike sharing data and trains. For the latter, however, Trenitalia has only supplied scheduled data right now, but should provide real-time data soon.
TUeTO is part of the European project Opticities.
TUeTo has been developed by Cityway.

Read the Stampa Article “Un solo navigatore per battere il traffico”